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Communication Strategy, Graphic, Logos and Advertising Design

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Create a visual identity, a reliable graphic chart and improve your brand image

Increase the performance of your company with our advertising creations… Dotnet helps you in developing your visual identity through the creation of advertisements, graphic charts and logos to personalize your financial reports, business cards, posters, flyers, envelopes, booklets, banners, brochures and many more.

What is a graphic chart?

The creation of a graphic chart is classically designed by a graphic designer or by a communication agency. It is an essential tool in the service of your communication strategy and ensures a good picture of your corporate image. It allows you to authenticate with your target audience and quickly identify your values and goals.

Why is a graphic chart important for your business?

The graphic chart is essential for your business communication. The purpose of a graphic chart is to give a visual identity to your company whether in the web world or elsewhere. Whatever the tool used, the graphic chart helps to increase visibility and enhance the reputation of your company. Your graphic chart must be well developed to attract your customers and your target audience.

Why and how to create a logo for your business?

Your logo is the key element of your graphic chart and it helps your company to be more successful. It improves the company image and differentiates yourself from your competitors. When you create your logo, the choice of colors and typography is very important because it promotes a quick memorization of your company’s image. However, you should understand that your logo is your company’s sign. Your logo should be obvious for example on t-shirts, flyers, brochures, etc. It should be simple and related to your brand image.

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