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What is SEO ?

A well SEO optimized website, generates better sales turnover.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, especially known in France as 'Référencement Naturel Organic', is commonly used by practitioners to refer to Website search engines ranking and promotions or traffic generation strategies.

SEO refers to all the techniques which consist to position a site or a set of pages for the first natural or organic results of search engines corresponding to applications under Internet users. If possible, position obtained must be on the front page, as in the majority of applications, this is the only page viewed. Appear on Google first page for a query, ensures a high volume of traffic.

Search Engine Optimization, is a technical package to promote understanding of the theme and content of one or all pages of a website by search engines. These techniques are therefore designed to provide maximum information about the contents of a page. The objective of this process is to guide the positioning of a web page in the search engine results on keywords corresponding to the main themes of the site.

Search engine optimization represents a real issue on many levels such as make its website visible in a sustainable way and win a brand image among Internet users.

How to be on the first page of google ?

To put his site on the first page of Google and to place it on the top spots of the first page of Google, must determine the "keywords" that match the words that your potential customers are capable to write to the search engine and performing SEO to make the website visible to all who wrote the "keywords" for your business.

Almost no one watches websites posted on the second page of Google, it becomes essential to have a website posted on the first page of Google. Thus, be placed in the first results is a must if you want to generate customers through your website.

How long can it take to be on the first page Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engines ?

First be sure to have implemented the optimization tips of your SEO provider. In fact, many success factors depend on the content of your site. The charge level of the search engines covered by the intensity of competition will also affect the time required to obtain the desired results. For keywords that are exclusive to your website, this may be possible the first days after the installation of your natural search (SEO).

For keywords faced on a minimum competition, it will be for a longer period without being able to point out neither these results can be checked nor what specific keywords. But, if you correctly follow the optimization tips and recommendations for your SEO provider, there are chances that your site appears at least in the first 30 places of search engines on the majority of keywords after 1 to 3 months.

The three main factors that involve time of positioning web-site are;

•  Age
•  Competitiveness
•  Change of algorithms search.


One of the most important decisions a person should take before starting to think SEO is to buy an existing domain, or start all over again.


SEO, by its nature, where search results appear as a ranking, is a practice where the results are directly influenced by the actions of your competitors. If you aim for the front row for a competitive keyword, your SEO strategies need to be more creative and generate better results than those of your competitors, for example in terms of content and incoming links.

This means that you must inevitably keep you informed of actions taken by competitors so that not only identify the reasons for their success, but also know what you must do to exceed them.

Change of algorithms search

In order for your website to be able to withstand the changing algorithms of Google, avoid penalties from search engines and become a source of reliable quality in the middle of a saturated web content. The Google search algorithm factors are based on trust, authority and expertise. Know exactly how difficult it is. It is clear that websites with links that aim to your domain name can affect your ranking on search engines. But do you know that the web sites that aim your domain name can also affect your rankings ?

Why choosing Dotnet ?

The range of Dotnet products and services include a familiar and adaptable set of business management solutions. Our integrated management solutions for enterprise resource management and customer relations are designed to fill almost all types of business needs that are, in addition, in helping your staff to make important business decisions with confidence. These tools allow to automate and rationalize the related finance progress, customer relationship, and, supply chain in a way that can help in propelling the success of your organization.

Dotnet platform has been designed to be familiar to your staff to work easily with systems already in place in your business, and empower people and your teams to increase productivity and help in propelling the success of your business.

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