Hack Facebook Account How to Hack Facebook

What is Facebook Hacking ?

We had several requests from our customers regarding a Facebook Hacking attack.

We have investigated and below our answer, hope it’s useful.

How hackers hack Facebook account ?

Basically it’s due to a simple click on a YouTube Video Thumbnail. While clicking on it the Hacker behind, very often a fake account, who posted the video, gets a popup of all your credentials (Username & Password).

What can they do ?

Once in your account #Hacker is eligible to access all your information such as friends, conversations, convers on your behalf, hack others from your account and can change your password where even you as the Admin of your own account will not able to access it.

How potential it is ?

It’s more complicated if you’re actually a Facebook Page Administrator or campaign manager and have already register for Advert payment. Facebook uses its own (API - Application programming interface / GUI - Graphical user interface) - for dummies: Once you’re registered for payment for instance PAYPAL.

Facebook copy all your PAYPAL information and attached to your Facebook account ID, so if you need to adjust or reconfigure your campaign you don’t need to Login on PAYPAL to pay for Ads at each time.


Simple and easy to manage but what happen if we get hacked ?

How serious it can be ?

The hacker’s privileges are not limited to your profile information only, but can also manage all your pages, create new Facebook pages, paid campaign and transfer page(s) ownership to his/her account.

How to prevent facebook hacking ?

Avoid clicking on any video.

To help you determine which is clean and which is affected. Try to post Youtube video to your profile and then look carefully how the thumbnail looks with the centered play logo. Click only on these kind of videos thumbnails.

If you got some doubts on some videos copy the video Title and paste it on Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. If you find it on the website, view it there. If not be careful before viewing on your profile.

For campaign managers

Create a new account which will be for the only purpose of Page Management, Add the new account to your real account as a friend then transfer Page ownership to the new account, remove your account as page Admin, delete Paypal Account, create new Paypal account with new email address but can use same Card. That’s it, your page(s) is/are now secured even your real account gets hacked!

What if your account got hacked?

Report to Facebook, is the solution, as they are prepared to treat this kind of cases.

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