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In Mauritius, knowledge of French and English is variable in population, it highly depends on people education. Life on internet is partly governed in English, but as we surf on the web, it is possible to read the news in the languages you cannot handle too much or not at all.

Today we review a program that helps us to translate words, sentences, or even a complete text. Translation is not just replacing one word with another in a different language. It is an idea, a concept, a different reality that must be translated so that the message can be transmitted. It's not enough to be bilingual to translate texts. Translation is an essential and necessary activity. Indeed, one can say that English is a common language and therefore, spread in all countries but everyone does not speak English. Even if you translate your document with the best translators, mistakes may occur unintentionally.

An omission is also quickly arrived. Indeed, to err is human which reminds us of the notion of automatic translation that, on the other hand, cannot forget anything because automatic translators translate absolutely all content automatically. Proofreading is not too much. This is important to ensure that no mistake has been made. By simply using an automatic translator, we often forget that it is not human. Human being is able to discern grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and literal translations.

Human translation is simply the translation made by man without any machine. A human translator has less difficulty in translating directly, and try to correct an automatic translation. It is important to clarify the concepts of human translation and automatic translation, only to see the difference there. Automatic translation is defined as an application of information technology to the translation of texts from one source language into a target language. The sentence refers to the automatic translation of a text made entirely by one or more automatic programs without the intervention of a human translator.

The issues with Automatic Online Translators.

In opposition of human translation where the translator must display time and energy, automatic translation can accomplish in no time, a large amount of text. This is why many people do not hesitate to use it. Despite the speed and capacity of automatic translation, efficiency and reliability cannot be compared to those of human translation.

The two automatic translations most used are: Google Translate and Bing Translator.

Google Translate is a multilingual and free service provided by Google that allows you to translate text or web page in another language. Google Translate, like other automatic translation tools has restrictions. If it can help the reader understand the overall context of a text in a foreign language, it does not provide accurate translations. It translates words out of context and does not allow applying a reliable grammar. The advantage is that it saves time in the repetitive texts. The translator must type and research the least. In terms of quality of the translation, memory systems translation could be difficult. The sentences being separated, the translator notes less repetitions and errors.

Sometimes it is difficult, even impossible to change a paragraph to fit the style of the target language. The use of an automatic translator most often gives a result quite artificial in the target language. For some source languages where the sentence is built with part of the verbal group, the result can be totally incomprehensible. The software does not take into account the context to translate a word, which can result into a false sense. When proper names are concerned, the result is often disappointing. The strength of Google Translate is the large number of languages between which it allows to translating, realizing combinations in which any software on the market is capable of.

Bing Translator is a search engine developed by Microsoft. Bing Translator is a user-friendly application that helps but as most search engines services, are not totally reliable and may vary in expressions' translation. Bing Translator is a free service that allows you to instantly translate text websites in other languages. It allows people who do not speak the language to get an idea of the information on a website, but a text translated automatically is not necessarily 100% reliable.

By performing a comparative test between Bing and Google Translate, it is clear that Bing Translator is not yet finalized and still needs improvement.

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