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SEO Trends 2020 – What’s new?

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seo trends in mauritius 2020

How SEO is changing in 2020 ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing performance that has proven to be the most powerful tool at global level. SEO sector is expanding rapidly and is reflecting the current upheaval among all users affected by new technologies.

Relevant SEO today is not just about choosing the correct keywords and placing them in the right places but also providing a high-quality content, a solid link profile and a better user experience. There is a wide range of factors that gives SEO its necessary importance to stay at the forefront in digital business in 2020.

What are the top SEO developments in 2020 that will improve your business website?

  • Featured snippets – Increase competition for website businesses to be at position zero
  • Voice search – Play a major role in virtual assistance and also has a high impact on SEO
  • Local search – Become more successful with the increasing use of mobile phones
  • Mobile SEO – Create a website that will not only be a mobile-optimized but also a mobile-friendly
  • Importance of structure – Provide indicators to the search engine so that Google can recognize and deliver relevant results while keeping in mind the investigators’ intention
  • Branding building – Branding will become a necessity and not an option for SEO
  • Artificial Intelligence – Continue to progress to provide better search results to its users
  • SERP – Continue to show better-quality performance and effectiveness

What are the SEO approaches for 2020?

  • HTML tags – Write Meta titles and Meta descriptions
  • Keyword placement – Select pertinent SEO keywords for your content
  • Power of content – Post long and short articles on blogs, written content on
  • website pages, infographics and images, video content on social media
  • Image optimization – Create better user performance and faster page loads
  • Tracking – Get a better understanding of what your users are doing on your website
  • Securing an SSL certificate Is essential for e-commerce and other websites where security for credentials and customer private information is the most important
  • Creating your listing – Offer value to your website

How SEO trends can help your business?

SEO is one of the best important ways to allow your website to rank as high as possible on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and which will generate more traffic to your business.

Successful SEO can lead to:

Higher rankings on SERP

More organic traffic to your website

Increase the conversion rates of your potential customers

Improve profits

SEO strategy – Beat your competitors in 2020

The strategies that will allow you to outperform your competitors in the world of SEO in 2020 are constantly evolving but they will require a significant investment more than ever.

Plan carefully your keyword targeting strategies

Optimize page speed

Find out about your competitors

Audit your website

Keep up to date with the latest SEO news

Monitor your competitors’ backlink profiles